Friday, September 29, 2006

Commented at Althouse about the court case over slavery reparations. Strawman needed to put why he needed to repent right in front of himself for the High Holydays; yours truly was ever helpful. Annika is telling a tough story about the Virginia National Guard running away from the contractors they are 'protecting.' I was listening to ESPN sports, being interested in TO's psychiatric condtion or reaction thereto; it really is sobering that you can be so rich and (possibly) suicidal and was really excited to hear that 'Gagdad Bob' was coming on. Unfortunately it wasn't that Gadad Bob, a psychologist who brings you, for instance, 'parallel looniverses.'


Trish said...

Do you think TO was trying to kill himself or do you believe his story about taking too much medicine by accident?

a psychiatrist who learned from veterans said...

I dunno. If it wasn't a partial attempt, his taking the meds apparently led him to be an 'intoxicated truth teller.'