Saturday, September 09, 2006

Drag injury yields safety concerns - Top Stories

Drag injury yields safety concerns - Top Stories.

This street is the main street from the University to a bookstore, places to eat, off campus housing. It is like Main Street in a small town. I guess it is a small town Texas name for a main street from the fities where people might cruise or even race. Sharon (nee) Pearson from Taylor, about 30 miles from Austin, told me they used to make a circuit of the town. VP Cheney's wife said once that her husband 'had more interests (and, by implication, a self confidence to distance himself from doing this) in the small town in Wyoming where they grew up. My sense that I didn't feel 'in' with the practice contributed to my delight at finding that the light at one of the few main intersections in Taylor had the green on top. Sharon felt, briefly, a little offset fom being in the right attitude wise.

Texas is not hospitable to bikes. I brought a clunky Schwinn to Austin my fourth year. Was yelled at 'Go back to England' by 3 brawns in a GTO or somesuch. Other personal conveyance? You may see a horseman. In the city, I have only seen the occasional Negro riding in a residential area with few side walks. On a city street, I have only seen a horse drawn flatbed cart (once) and that was in Chicago. California has bike lanes. I saw someone who told me she 'used to go everywhere on her bike' in a Dallas suburb. After about 2 years of this, she was run into by someone in a truck who injured her pelvis and left a small numb spot. She now 'knows the bus schedule.'

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