Monday, September 04, 2006

A little fun

OK, I just sent in a manuscript, (letter really, covering material in my July 10th blog) which I am (anxiously, ? correctly) awaiting being (not really. How could it be?) trashed at the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry; so I'd like to have a little fun with the dominatrix fantasies over at the good Dr. Helen's. 'More than half of the reported sexual improprieties in prisons involve the female guards.' I'll leave you to go there seeing the anti(and pro)PC enthusiasm which starts off with the miscategorization of this as 'the committed' crimes with a few ,OK, relevant points of agreement in comments. I'd just like to point out, in related news, that Dallas is having a rash of bars having 'men's nights,' the men hopefully will come out with their buddies because they are afraid of all the submissive females that have barely (like that adjective do you, girl?) let them get to the bar. There may be some protection in a group approach. The quirkiness continues with water running uphill from the port of Galveston along with the Red snapper coming like salmon and jumping into fishermen's boats in our surrounding lakes. A couple of old fishermen have been heard to mutter, 'It aint sportin!' The 'H' organizations in the Middle East have confronted Olmert with their refusal to set off any more firecrackers even until each Israeli couple has 10 children each (Saudi Arabia is offering cash incentives to the couples); Kofi Anaan is angling for 12. Pope Bendict XVI went shopping for a new yarmulka with the chief Rabbi of Rome but is so at peace, in his little, conswervative German soul, now that the Rabbi said he can use his old one. Ahamadinehad, having a little trouble stepping out of character, threatened to wipe 'Rome off the map' if he isn't invited to a bar mitvah.

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