Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Psst! Crusader

I had been wondering how big the contradiction was going to be. Early on almost no Ameicans were being killed in Afghanistan. I don't know if Pat Tillman could've got down and talked on a radio when the separated company came together again, but I digress. Afghans grow poppies for heroin. War # c is the 'War on Drugs.' 'Bad drugs hide in your hole.' 'Shoot drugs,' er, no. I wondered how long the Afghans were going to be so happy the Taliban weren't around that they forgot to eat. Apparently, there getting hungry and kids are starving in refugee camps and 'ourcapitalismisbasedonCalvinismandCalvanismis based onbeing partof the electanddoingrighthinkingthingsdrugtakings
notincluded.soyoucan'tsellit' is losing a lot, to be honest, in translation into Arabic. A politically conservative source says an open market could use their production for legal pain medications. Market closed; 'bad drugs' iterum iterumque as the Latins used to say. I think Suboxone could help blunt even the problem of drug abuse. Of course if you're a good Calvinist aside from pain medicine it would be compost anyway. I make a big distinction between being opposed to decapitating someone and allowing them to sell something there is a market for. I also think if you want to be intrusive, you need to be intrusive about use, not possession. Hat tip: The discerning Texan.

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