Saturday, September 09, 2006

He 'plays it by ear.'

Ann Althouse has been laying it down on 'The Path to 9/11.' My Jones of Dallas acquaintance took me to a trendy bar years ago. I went back a couple of months later, went to the bar to get a Black Russian, and the bartender told me the guy leaning on the bar facing me was 'Art Garfunkel.' Feeling as oblivious generally to popular music as the seasons, not being a farmer 'machts nicht,' I said something like half knowing but not wanting to commit myself about what he was up to, to which he told me, he "played it by ear." His 'Joe DiMaggio' bit had led to the isolative Joe asking a lawyer to look into whether or not he was being slandered and a marketing firm finding there was residual affection for him which led to a nice advertising career. Joe DiMaggio came to Dallas in the forties, went with a local girl to have dinner at her parent's house, a story I hear some 55 years later. Anyway, I wish Art would 'play this one by ear.'

Mario Savio said at the Free Speech Movement at UC Berkeley in 1964, in the action that restarted leftism in America, "unless you're free, the machine will be prevented from working at all! [Prolonged applause.] " Now the left, as exemplified by Ned Lamont this week, is for what he had considered adultery before. Further as an earlier commenter (on Ann's blog) elegantly pointed out, the left found 'sexual harassment' and brought us right thinking on that before there was 'just a private sexual life (as a fruit of official finagling).' It was the hit your head in viewing it inveterate finagling of the Clintons' that really torched their opponents by the way. Now they're for yanking as a fruit of their free speech. You asked, 'Why there are no campus antiwar demonstrations?' How can you have a rally if you might not have the latest set of cue cards. Their poor little minds are going, "Now I know Bush = Hitler and Theresenstadt = Guantonomo = Gaza. But Mussolini might have liked the opera. Am I still against him? I was against the 'destruction of human flesh' but am for Roe. Do I wear panties (and if so why?)? Are their panties in a wad? How can I demonstrate? What if I have cue cards version 1.0? Where is Mario when I need him? Where have you gone Mario Savio?"

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